ECOKASH is a Sustainable Fashion startup that aims to preserve the authenticity of Kashmiri handicraft and clothing tradition using sustainable fabric and dyes by utilising the skilled workforce, especially women in Kashmir. It was founded in January 2021 and is Kashmir’s first such venture in the area of sustainable fashion.

The idea behind Eco Kash is to work ‘for nature, by nature and to nature’ – by looking into addressing the pain points in the handicrafts space in Kashmir and contributing to natural conservation.

The main focus is to showcase this indigenous handicraft (Tilla, Aari, Sozni) art and incorporate a modern touch to get recognition and acceptance from international market. By boosting the local capacity of women artisans, we wants to leverage the commercial possibilities of the handicrafts sector and revive this underpaid art on international platforms to give it due recognition.

Insha Mir

Founder, Ecokash

With experience working in Media and Branding, Insha is a full-time fashion enthusiast who loves experimenting with fabric and designs. She is keen about exploring and knowing different cultures.

An inquisitive learner from childhood, who was born and brought up in Kashmir. BE YOUR OWN BOSS! Is what her nature speaks of and keeps her motivated to go on. She believes nothing on this earth is useless. The slightest of your actions has a reason behind it and somewhere a master plan for you.

I have taken all my professional chances as an opportunity to learn and grow. Nothing really goes to waste. Thus, at EcoKash I want to base my ideas and set on an entrepreneurial journey for me and my people in Himalayas and around. Not to forget creating a balance between nature, development and culture
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